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Toddler with Toys


The Secure A Kid harness is a seatbelt adjuster as well as comfort harness for toddlers and children. Thereby allowing the seat-belt cover to reposition the shoulder belt for a more comfortable fit while travelling and keeps the belt away from the neck and face.

Safety Harness

The 4AKID safety harness is designed so that your toddler will have the freedom to be a kid but with a lot less worry for you.
No more chasing after little ones as we all know they are quick. Safety harnesses (or leashes) allow toddlers to explore the world, on their own terms but within safe boundaries.
Available in Pink & Blue.

Teething Necklace

Natural and homeopathic product to provide relief for teething symptoms and promotes wellness. Cognac Teething Necklace is ideal for teething babies. Natural as well as a homeopathic product.  Baltic Amber teething and wellness beads are imported and made for wearing (not chewing) when a baby is teething.