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Be a model for yourself. Choose a healthy eating habit. Influence your loved ones to be in a healthy lifestyle. They may not join you in doing the HCG diet. At least they will join your healthy eating habits. This is one way to make you comfortable while you are on the program. Healthy eating habit is vital in the HCG diet. Healthy food and lifestyle will help the work of HCG hormones in the body.

One way of healthy eating in HCG is portion control. Encourage your family to cut down fats and sugars as well as their portions of starch. These are simple ways of reducing their fat intake. It also promotes healthy HCG diet weight loss for yourself.

Try to get your family to stay away from sweetened drinks. Teach them to have unlimited sugar-free tea and coffee. HCG diet lifestyle allows you to love water more than any other unhealthy drinks. There are tons of flavor enhancers available these days that can make drinking water much easier.

Involve the children in weekly food shopping when possible. Teaching them about the different nutritional values of foods should encourage them to make healthy choices in the future. At home, children should help the adult in the kitchen to prepare foods so that they become used to trying new foods too. If the child sees us eating healthy and participating in physical activities then it may encourage them to join in.

Forming healthy habits can mean doing what fits your family and your personality within reason. Improvement is good and so is discipline, but it is always advisable to avoid extremes in any way. Your children are always watching and listening so it is important to make sure when they see you, you are setting a positive example for them to emulate when it comes to eating properly and exercising. It isn’t going to be easy to break your old unhealthy eating patterns in your family but it will be worth it. Once you form a new habit in the home you will all feel better and be filled with energy!

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