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New Branding - New Look. Thrivesb is now M-FOU!

As a working mom it isn't always possible to get through the day and through the month due to past/current economy situations.

With everything going up and salaries not increasing by much (if at all) it can be difficult to be able to have a little extra for the month, be it for those unexpected expenses or to just to 'splurge' a little.

What started as a 'side hustle' as an Independent Distributor made me realize how valuable time & money is.

Almost everyone would like to have more time at home yet be able to supply an income, even if it is an extra income on-top of a monthly paid salary.

I wanted to give name to what I did hence some would know the name 'Thrive/Thrivsb/SkinnyLicious' with which I started. I however realized I needed to not only brand what I sell but brand myself, have a look & a name that suits me, that clients can associate with me...thus M-FOU was 'born'.

M (Marlize) Focused On You is what I want to achieve & I hope with this new branding I will be able to do that and gain more trust & confidence with my clients.

Thank you to the 'old' that have been with me from the beginning and thank you to the 'new' for taking the chance to walk this path with me and trusting me to be honest when it comes to your questions and when seeking advice on which products to use.

I appreciate your support tremendously & am thankful to you all.

To Your Health & Happiness!