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Slimming Products

Lose Unwanted Weight

Losing weight has been an ongoing battle for some for so many years.  With so many products on the market, legit and scams, it is difficult to know which is safe and which isn't. We vow to only supply products that work and is safe to use! If you have used any of the products listed here and it didn't work - get in touch!



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Shrinking Packages

Lose Up To 10kg in Just 1 Month!

This is our best seller.
Available in injection or drops packages. The drops packages are safe for breastfeeding moms to get their pre-baby weight back quickly and safely.
Also available in 2 or 3 month packages.

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Summer Slim

100% natural Fat Burning and Weight Management products

Summer Slim has 100% natural Fat Burning and Weight Management products since stimulants are the key ingredient in most slimming and weight loss products

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Slim21 is the latest weight loss innovation for both men and women, giving you amazing results in just 21 days.

It contains a combination of natural ingredients (free from harmful chemicals) working in harmony to bring you results that last. Each ingredient has been selected for its role in working with your body to naturally burn fat and increase your metabolism.  What’s more, this support supplement has been specifically designed to burn fat and help you lose those unweighted, stubborn kgs without you having to go to drastic measures.