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Before & After

Amazing Results of Members Using this Slimming Program & Shrinking Fat!


Hey Everyone, here are my before & after photos. I lost 20.3KG on this AMAZING Weight Loss Program in just 6 weeks & I have maintained my weight loss for quite sometime now. This Program is easy to follow & I have managed to change my lifestyle in the process. I understand about eating the right kinds of calories, my relationship with food has improved. When I started this journey I weighed around 82KG & now I am proud to say I weigh 61KG! Best Weight Loss Program EVER!

Natasha-Leigh Cronje-Pritchard - Cape Town

I'm very very excited to announce that I've lost 12kg since starting in January 2019. I've moved down from a size 34 pants to a 28!!! To be honest. I absolutely thought that I will never be sexy again and I always envy those sexy skinny jeans in the shops but those are strictly only for skinny people and that's all I wear!!!! I feel healthier and more energetic ever since. I even barely get sick anymore. How unbelievably powerful a healthy diet is. You changed my life...

Karen van Aarde - Nelspruit

I am still amazed at how great this program is! Considering I am the lightest I have ever been, compliments I am getting and the surprise at how fast I achieved this!My loss, with 2 month's supply (and the unfortunate cheating now and again and with a week 'gap' between month 1 and 2) 9.3kg and 76 cm!! Down from a size 36 (tight fit...) to comfortable size 32!!

Marlize de Bruin - Cape Town

Marlize Le Roux

This is what - 9.5kg looks like!

Marlize Le Roux - Gauteng

Shantell Review_edited.png

I am not one for bragging but I do feel proud of myself so I would like to share...

This is my before and after pics. I have tried millions of diets and it just never worked. Or rather I could not stick to it. This program is so easy to follow and very happy I have tried it. It wasn't an easy road I crashed and burned a couple of times but just started and tried again. Thank you for the support that keeps you motivated when you needed it the most!

Good luck to everyone that's on this journey..

What do you have to lose... Just your unwanted KG's.

Shantell Higgins - KZN


Total loss in only 2 months is 148cm and 15.8kg.. I feel fantastic with a total new way of living my life. We eat healthier and are more active.. This is a fantastic program!

Wandalise Nader - George

Final results, 6.9kg and 79cm lost. Going to continue with eating plan. Feeling fantastic. These are the Best results I've had on any diet. Definitely will continue. Thank you!

Leigh Ter Blanche - George

With the long weekend and a teething daughter I just have not had time to share my success story or any story of my life with anyone. On the 9th of August 2019 I had been on a weight loss journey for one month where I am very happy to say I lost 6.6kg and 24cm

Cara Lemmer Delaney - Nelspruit