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6 Easy Steps to Help You Stick to This Diet & Weight Loss Goals

1. Be Specific

The more uncertain you are of your goals, the greater the chance of error. Simply saying that you want to get in shape won’t get it done nor will just thinking about it – you have to take action. Set specific goals. For example, if you have a desired weight, make weight loss your goal and outline a plan on how to achieve it, for example, will you be incorporating exercise into your weight loss regime & if so, what kinds of exercises.

2. Write It Down

“Have you set clear & realist goals which you have written down for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” Writing out your goals & sticking them up in a place you will see them each day is likely to result in you achieving those goals. So write them down.

3. Make Your Goals Attainable

I’m not saying you can’t reach for the stars or moon, but it is important to break down your goals into shorter segments so for example if you would like to lose a total of 20kg, set yourself a weekly weight loss target & congratulate yourself each time you succeed, this will often keep you focused & motivated. If your goals are a bit on the extreme side, success can appear out of reach. Weekly goals are completely attainable and provide you with early success so that you’ll be motivated to continue.

4. Make An Investment In Your Goals

Spend some money. Buy yourself a new pair of workout shoes & join a gym or exercise class. Buy yourself a new item of clothing in your ideal size & hang it up where you can see it – before you know it you’ll be wearing it.

5. Share Your Goals with Friends and Family

Not only does this force you to verbalize your goals several times, but it also commits you to them. Alerting your family and friends holds you accountable to someone other than yourself. Better yet, find a partner that has the same goals. “Success tends to happen when people work together & support each other”.

6. Make Your Bed Every Morning

This one sounds odd but this is your first opportunity to be productive when you wake up. If you begin your day with motivation, you will be likely to finish with motivation.

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