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Does This Program Really Work?!

The answer to the title question is, “yes” – but only if you stick to it – and that’s true for any weight loss plan. Thousands have stuck to this program and lost a remarkable amount of weight and centimeters. This incredible plan has been around since 1954, late Dr. A.T.W Simeon, who made remarkable breakthroughs in weight-loss of obese patients. For years, Dr. Simeon injected patients with a glycoprotein hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone only produced during women’s pregnancies – and produced dramatic results. A low-calorie diet is also an essential part of the beginning of HCG Diets because it helps to rid your body of abnormal fat and begin the transformation of your body image.

Following an HCG Diet plan also regulates a slow metabolism, which is necessary for your body to effectively burn off future calories.

Obesity is becoming a serious problem in today’s society, and the HCG Diet may hold the solution to our future health. Obesity is a big part of the reason for health problems such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, not to mention low-self-esteem and poor self-image. The fact that those who partake in the HCG Diet tend to keep the weight off is an extra benefit. Weight loss is now one of the most money-making pursuits today. People everywhere are joining weight-loss clubs, drinking and eating diet drinks and foods and purchasing fitness equipment in an attempt to lose calories and get in shape.

The HCG Diet is relatively inexpensive and there are no special foods, fads, pills or any other form of weight loss treatment that you need to adhere to. The HCG hormone can be injected or consumed through oral drops. No exercise is needed to achieve the weight loss and your energy levels will soar while your eating habits drastically change for the better.

There’s an added benefit for the HCG Diet that isn’t as well documented as the weight loss factor – youth. The HCG has the extra advantage of bringing the glow of youth back to your appearance.

If you’ve always failed when trying to lose those unwanted kilos, contact us today to find out if whether this plan may work best for you.

*To Your Health & Happiness*